Resort Amenities

The best thing about the Alders is our beautiful natural setting. Our wide, flat, sandy beach is ideal for games, flying kites, reading, or just relaxing! There is a natural tidal pool which is shallow and heats up with the afternoon sun, providing an ideal wading area for children.

At low tide, beyond the wide sandy beach there is a rocky area perfect for exploring sea life. There is a resident harbour seal colony to the southern end of our bay (we call this area “The Point”), and at low tide you could spot up to 70 seals basking in the shallows. Children love to explore this area, which is teeming with starfish, sand dollars, small crabs and tiny fishes. As well, clam and oyster beds are located here, and (with a permit) you can forage for your dinner, if you like!

The tide often comes up over top of the beach at late afternoon, when the sun has had a chance to warm the sand, making for a refreshing swimming environment.

Our resort is completely surrounded by huge, old-growth evergreens, including Pine, and Douglas Fir. In addition to being great for hiking trails, these trees are home to a large population of eagles, hawks, and other birds. And the bird watcher can also find marine birds, such as herons and a variety of gulls.

In the evenings, there are often community campfires. Several of our “regulars” are outstanding folk musicians, and for our campfire songs, we’ve had accompaniment of not only guitars, but also ukuleles and even a violin! Wednesday nights are always our “Weiner Roast” night, and in latter years these nights have gotten as gourmet as can be cooked on a stick over a fire! After the campfire, stargazing is a popular recreation.

Several games are popular at the Alders. In addition to beach games like frisbee and “Land”, “Beckons Wanted”, Sardines and Hide and Seek are very popular with the kids. We have a grass volleyball area, a tetherball and a giant checkerboard. Ping Pong is a huge pastime, and there is a gazebo area overlooking the beach ideal for reading the newspaper in a shady location.